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Crystal FAF 3.jpg
The excellence of French wrought iron craftsmanship

Since 2015, we crystallize our know-how in the image of pyrite.

Like the cornerstone, our stainless steel crystal is an ode to beauty.
Powerful lines, crafted by hand and engraved with care.
Crystal FAF 2.jpg
Inherited from French 17th century, our motto
"Virtute et Labore" means "through courage and labor".

Strong, universal values, symbolizing perseverance and self-improvement.
This jewel of excellence, symbol of perfection, is set at the heart of our exceptional works.

An enduring mark reflecting for future centuries the mastery of our craftsmanship.
Crystal FAF 1.jpg

French Iron Work

Heritage of yesterday, heritage of tomorrow. ​

A mark of excellence

Our dedication and commitment to push our metalwork further at every new project is leading us to a whole new level of details and style for our clients. The knowledge of our history and our ability to restore our ancient landmark heritage in France remain our solid basis of our craft, nevertheless we are constantly improving our process with news techniques, but always for the final beauty of the project, never for making our work industrial. The handcrafted touch and inspiration are truly our way of making metalwork as art for architecture. As Juan Pablo Molyneux once said "Any quality product has an inherent ability to stand out from the crowd, so it doesn't have to be trendy." we truly believe of the intemporality of our high-ends creations. We are putting our souls into our work and that is reflected in the feelings that our creations provokes.


Created in 2015, the workshop employs around twenty people, from apprentices to master ironworkers. Backed by our design office, the workshop is able to restore or create all types of ironworks anywhere in the world.

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